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Armature application industries

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According to project solutions, fittings are used in the following areas of construction:

Railway construction

Railway sleeper elements for high-speed trains and underground railways.

Housing and civil construction

  1. Reinforcement of stone and reinforced masonry structures.
  2. Reinforcement of the facade layer of three-layer enclosing structures.
  3. Reinforcement of concrete slabs.
  4. Reinforcement flooring in living spaces.
  5. Reinforcement of horizontal seams of masonry.

Road construction

  1. Use of composite mesh as road fencing.
  2. Reinforcement of road slabs.
  3. Reinforcement of cover.

Industrial construction

  1. Reinforcement of the carriageway with composite mesh.
  2. Reinforcement of floors of industrial facilities.
  3. Strengthening of chemical waste storage facilities.
  4. Strengthening of waste processing facilities.

Construction of bridges and hydraulic structures

  1. Fixing of bridge deck slabs.
  2. Reinforcement of footpaths.
  3. Strengthening and construction of coastal and hydrotechnical structures.


The use of composite reinforcement increases the life cycle of the object, because:

  1. Excellent corrosion resistance in acidic, alkaline, and other aggressive environments.
  2. High tensile strength: 2 times higher than steel 1100-1300 MPa.
  3. Lightweight: ¼ the weight of a steel bar of equivalent size.
  4. Endurance.
  5. Lack of electrical conductivity.
  6. Antimagnetic.
  7. Economy and fire safety.

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The company SIA Composite PRO is engaged in the production of a unique building material - fiberglass reinforcing bars.

This composite material has excellent corrosion resistance, is lightweight and durable.


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