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An insight into the industry of fixture manufacturing

Historically, in the armature manufacturing industry, it is the most commonly used raw material in construction and has no analog substitute. Steel rebar has long been the only option for reinforcing concrete, but as the construction industry continues to evolve, we offer a steel replacement that is compelling.

Such fittings are manufactured from either fiberglass or basalt, and below we will look at the main advantages of these fittings and whether they are better compared to steel.

Characteristics of fittings

The armature is produced from a mixture of fiberglass and resin. Then comes basalt. It serves as an excellent substitute for glass fiber and generally the final raw materials used in the manufacture of fittings are used based on their availability. Some choose fiberglass, others basalt, although the properties of the final product are not very different.

Advantages and features

  1. No corrosion. Unlike steel fittings, fiberglass fittings do not rust. This makes it perfect for structures located in coastal areas, near water or even in water. Steel, on the other hand, is prone to rust, and as soon as this process begins, the concrete cracks, and that’s when you have to rebuild the structure. In other words, steel-reinforced structures require additional investment over time.
  2. Endurance. Fiberglass rebar is much harder than steel. It does not bend the way steel rebar does, but at the same time, it can take a much higher load. However, the bending factor is already solved by properly connecting the two rebars at their connection points. Based on a test conducted by several institutes, such structures withstand earthquakes like no steel bar structure can, while a mixture of steel and rebar also shows excellent results.
  3. The price. Simply put, the price of steel rebar is increasing in line with the increase in the price of steel, and this increase shows no signs of stopping. On the other hand, fiberglass rebar production is benefiting from stable raw material price levels. In fact, it is clear that the greater the increase in the price of steel rebar, the greater the demand for rebar.
  4. Lightness. Fiberglass bars are almost 8 times lighter than steel rebar, which again improves the manufacturing process and supply of rebar. What’s more, when rebar manufacturing equipment produces fiberglass rods, the engineers monitoring the process can easily move them by hand. This additionally reduces shipping costs.
    Signal, electricity, and waves. The fact that fiberglass rebar does not conduct electricity or interfere with the signal makes it perfect for airports, hospitals, underground projects, military installations, research centers, and many other facilities.

Installation of glass fiber rebar production equipment

A big advantage of fixture manufacturing equipment is that it is easy to install. We have been perfecting production lines for more than ten years until we made them fully automated. Therefore, if you think it’s time to start rebar production, the production control process will be very simple.
The entire production process can be described as a boiling pultrusion of fiberglass or basalt, which, when mixed with resin, turns into a composite fixture. Our production line in the course of development is currently considered the best in its class in the world.

The future of fittings in construction

We believe that a future of wide application of composite rebars is imminent. Given that its benefits far exceed anything else on the market with steel reinforcement, construction companies around the world are already showing high demand for the product.
Today we see that glass fiber reinforcement is already used in concrete reinforcement all over the world and it is trending to expand. Construction companies use composite rebar and mesh in civil engineering, industrial structures, and anywhere else there is concrete. As a result, the future of composite fixtures is a prospect, and the only question is when you will become a part of it.

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The company SIA Composite PRO is engaged in the production of a unique building material - fiberglass reinforcing bars.

This composite material has excellent corrosion resistance, is lightweight and durable.


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